Creative Leadership Map


11.09.17, Week 11, A 11.4

Camping in a rainforest: This week my journeys took me to a rainforest, where I was surrounded by creature above and below me. Camping here was remote and untouched really with no trail signs to show you the way. My concern was to find food, make a shelter, and make sure that I had things in my bag to  to keep me dry and warm and protected from the outer elements. I observed the other creatures actions and say the different roles each played interacting with each other, and observed how they started their day with the drive of their motives, if it was to find food for survival, to catch some warm rays, or play around in a pool of water. I also imitated them, to see if their understanding of their local environment, could help me adapt to this new surrounding. I started to understand the web of the organisms working together and even mirroring each other, like this back and forth of teasing between parrots when one was grumpy. It reminded me of the way we all affect each other in our energy spheres, and action and reaction that arises from this encounters. Camping this week, made me see what I really need, and if these needs could be satisified with just one backpack. 

10.5.17, Week 6, A 6.1a

Quicksand: As a creative leader, I'd like to avoid appointing team members with a determined quicksand mindset when anything unexpected happens -- meaning if things don't go a certain way, especially their way-- they'd rather sink in the sand and bring everyone under with them. For Stage One that story would sound like, "of course I'd fall into quicksand because life wants me to sink and stay down here forever" so let me just struggle here until I die in this pit of anguish, which you'll be sure to follow if you're unlucky like me. For Stage Two, those approaching the quicksand would say, "Well the ground looked so sturdy and that it would support me, but it let me sink and I struggled and struggled to get out, but it sucked me under until I had nothing left". As the "Who Moved My Cheese?" reference, these folks like Hem are not willing to change their language, and therefore mindset, to find new "cheese" and would rather die knowing that there isn't any cheese than face their fears of going beyond the unknown. In Stage Three, this would look like, "well if I'm entering quicksand, you all are coming down with me, because if I'm not winning, you aren't either." Though there is a desire to help these types to grow with you, like quicksand, the more you move, push, and pull, the more you sink with them. Having this experience already, I'd rather reserve my energies towards gathering a group that has navigated their values towards community effort "we are great", regardless of which Stages they started from: those that are in Stage Three that understand their power and talents but have the realization they need others, and Stage Two who are in a position of self recognition-- that something isn't working for them the way things are-- and they are interested to experience something else, and those in Stage One that reach points of understanding that the world is not out to to get them, but more reasonable than they thought. 

As a creative leader I’d also like to maintain trust, open communication and respect with others and keep myself in check of what level my actions are currently operating on as to avoid quick judgement, decisions or actions that lead to a quicksand pit that won't support you own weight (ideas and ego) and the quicker the movements of the "we are great" talk without backing action, the deeper you burry yourself with no one willing to pull you out.

Lone Salmon: This image came to mind of of a lone salmon going on the daring journey of the salmon run, swimming upstream to spawn. Doing this seemingly impossible feat of finding the stream mouth, swimming against the current, and climbing up the rocks to reach the gravel beds alone would be impossible, and the species would be nonexistent if each salmon chose to do this journey individually. They have hunters, bears, and birds ready to attack as they make the jump. The chances of survival would be a big zero. I’d like to avoid this “hero’s journey to slay the dragon” mindset as a creative leader. Going in alone on a huge feat is not only dangerous, it most likely will get you no where, maybe leading towards unwanted exposure and consequences depending on the size of the stream you are imagining to climb (political, bureaucratic, Stage One territory). A “we” team in numbers is needed to bring in more fuel to the fire, improving the chances of a successful mission, and for the sustainability of the journey to go towards fruition. With the team being in a “we” mindset— concerned about battling the odds of the journey not the other “competing fish”— the fear and stress of the lone fish go down as responsibilities are distributed, collaboration naturally happens as many become one unit propelled from their values, engagement in the mission sets in and is taken on by each individual as they swim against the current (status quo), the life expectancy of the species is maintained with more active individuals able to reach the gravel beds, the journey is just more fun in numbers than facing the challenges alone, and death and rebirth is openly accepted and expected as the older salmon die (older methods/ideas) after the birthing of a new cycle, and the whole process starts again. 

10.02.17, Week 5, A. 2.2

Aotearoa (New Zealand): This has been on my list for years as my contact to the artists, culture and people from NZ represent a strength in honing both traditional and aboriginal stories, language and expression, but have also dived deeply with strength into a contemporary expression that not only celebrates traditions but questions them. There art culture from dance, music to fashion, is at a level I wish to see Hawai'i reach. It is an internationally respected place for creative culture that steps into past, present and future. This will probably blow my mind with ideas and reflection.

Tahiti - Society Islands: These are direct ancestors to the Hawaiians, and I have been really interested in going also for years. It represents a "past time" on some of the islands, as the way of life is still how it used to be here long ago in Hawai'i. I am fascinated on the islands' natural beauty and will probably gain a lot of inspiration on designs that are more in harmony with nature. I feel an affinity to this land, and am excited to finally see it!

09.17.17, Week 3, A. 3.3. Map

Ke Kai -The Ocean : Unequilibrium. A reminder that all is energy given and received, what washes up to shore, washes back into the sea. Some days are stormy, murky, hard to see, full of waves and currents. Some days are calm, crystal clear, warm and inviting. The ocean is always there surrounding me, though its way of being changes all the time. It reminds me how to traverse the edge of chaos and come back to center, then start over again. This is important symbolically on my journey as days are not always the same, creating diversity in experiences that are sometimes harder than other times -- the ebb and flow. It reminds me to stay strong on my journey and understand that my navigation is on point, and bumps on the ride are needed for my survival later in the journey.

My Garden: Diversity/Community. My garden is a reminder of the diversity that is reflected in my community. All vegetables and fruits are living in "raised bed" islands with an ecosystem. I've had to watch what plants support each other the best as neighbors, and have had to make sure that every plant is getting the same nourishment. When disease strikes, some plants are resilient and some are prone to death. It is my job as their leader to understand their complaints, if their soil is too wet/dry, understand how to protect the community from outside pests, and make sure they are getting what they need individually and as a whole, as each plant needs different amount of resources. It is not always each as the environment constantly changes, but we are on this path together.

Mauna - Mountains region: Visionary, seeing the total. Being in the mountains gives a perspective of the total happenings of nature from a birds-eye view -- you see the cloud formations collecting and interacting with the trees, you can watch the wind currents passing from different directions, you can tell what kind of ocean is developing today, and if rain will come, the stars are so visible to notice the constellations and what time of season it is by the changing sky. It is a place for a creative leader to reflect, observe the present, understand the indentations of land from the past, and look towards the heavens for the future.