“I produce work in order to express what has collected within me, to share stories that have an underrepresented voice, and give it life through my body and deliverance to the audience. My aim is to open a different perspective to the audience in the result that it will lead to dialogue, possible recognition of an interrelationship with their own stories, inspiration to create, and of course spark more questions that can then be pursued.” 


The Bridge:

The "cultural bridge" is a metaphor that Jazmyne sees as the potential of her work-- to share her perspective of integrative cultural practices; her interest in uncovering "oneness" (shared experiences/or beliefs) between cultures, not to deny cultural diversity but to bring forth a shared understanding and respect of one another; and to experiment with questioning different practices that may at first seem incongruous in nature, for example: technology and mother nature, contemporary settings for cultural specific movement, modern exhibitions for traditional stories, and using  traditional materials and methods to solve future design needs.

With this perspective, Jazmyne's vision for her work is for it to become a bridging point-- a meeting point, a route center where the trading of ideas and experiences can take root-- a contemporary voice that becomes one of the storytellers of today; a perspective grounded in respect for past wisdoms, land knowledge, and one that bears witness to the world we see today.  

O N L I N E   B R I D G E S


STUDIOJAZ (Founder, Creative  & Artistic Director)

Jazmyne's platform and space that houses and records all of her recent projects, artistic explorations, experiments and collaborations, bridging all of her works in one place. The colorful, the real, and the messy can be found on this artistic portal.

SPACESMaui (Co-Founder)

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Jazmyne has teamed up with Julius Geis (Julius Geis | On Any Given Monday), founding a CoWorking space on the slopes of upcountry Maui. SPACESMaui -The Plantation House, represents a space reflective of Maui's past time, yet speaks to the needs of the modern entrepreneur and remote worker of today. A place to go, collaborate, work & play.


EAST MEETS WEST FESTIVAL MAUI (Co-Creator, Hostess, Director of Performance)

East Meets West Festival Maui searches to move and think outside of the box on what is really “east” and “west” culturally and logistically by using the vehicles of contemporary and improvisational mediums with traditional and cultural practices to convey the exploration of identity as a contemporary person of our times — negotiating between the traditional, cultural, environmental and global influences.


Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.26.41 AM.png

Augmented Organism is a stunning collaborative transnational art & design project between artists Cy Gorman (Melbourne, Australia) & Jazmyne Geis (Hawai'i, USA) , bringing together filmmaking, contemporary dance, technology & environmental activism in dialogue with world wisdom traditions & mythology. AUGORG's purpose is to create engaging globally oriented art & design supporting the voice of our natural world & use technologies of today and tomorrow to reconnect us back to the importance of Mother Earth.