Week 14, A. 14.2 Creative Visualization Reflections

For this week's assignment, I reflected on two other classmates' creative visualizations and was really blown away with where this exercise took them.

Alex Wong

Alex had a beautiful reflection in his stages of growth and his leadership positions. While reading his entry, all I could do was celebrate with him, as this recap of experience seemed real and tangible, and something meaningful. Through his words I see this blossoming builder not only with his hands, but a builder of connection, a builder of community, a builder of culture, a builder of vision and future. I totally see this happening for Alex! 
I was really inspired by Alex's story, his hard work and development. He reminded me that things build with baby steps, and when the right interests and efforts align, it fits right into place. 


Brenna Kelly

I really liked Brenna's realness in her response to this entry, as the future is never quite clear, and a life's path could really lead you down a road you'd never expect. Her envision of this sustainability consultant position possibility and her first deal she would get from a company willing to take a chance on her and her skills, gave me an excited feeling. To me this explanation of her and this company , really represented this image of a tandem sky dive off a plane, jumping together in total understanding, trust, and saying "why not, let's do this together!". I was really inspired by Brenna's opportunity to make a difference in the world, and be given the chance to show her capabilities and strengths in what she offers. Congrats to you and the smart business that said "yes"!