My perspective carries culture, land, rhythms, rituals and visuals that inform the art I express; It is the storyteller that documents our now to share with future generations.

Jazmyne grew up in the culturally diverse environment of the Hawaiian Islands and, having many opportunities to travel internationally, developed an interest in understanding how people from different cultures live, experience and express their perspective of the world.

With the collection of a wide variety of dance styles, design, and visual art backgrounds, Jazmyne has tied these "languages" back to the roots of her upbringing and foundation-- back to the dance, culture and land of her homeland. The Hawaiian Islands inspire her creative work-- nestled in her heart, passion and expression.

Jazmyne is a sustainable designer and consultant, creative director and interdisciplinary artist--an active performer, choreographer, visual artist, curator, and writer-- who uses her artwork as a tool to advocate on behalf of the natural world, bridging environmental her-stories with others around the world.